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Chlorella and Spirulina

Here at Rainforest foods we stock the algae Chlorella and Spirulina in capsule, tablet and powder form. The first two of these are simply the latter contained in plant-cellulose capsules or compressed into tablets, and are taken as supplements. By contrast, spirulina powder or chlorella powder can be added to foods or drinks, and ingested. Mixing a powder with water or fruit juice is a common way of taking a product such as these, so we decided to find out how the different methods contrast.

We mixed a teaspoon of Chlorella with a glass of water, and did the same with Spirulina. For people new to Chlorella and Spirulina the taste in water is unfamiliar, with a strongly algal overtone. This is a drink to be taken for its nutrition rather than its taste.

A better combination, however, is Chlorella or Spirulina in apple juice. This works with the algal tone, adding freshness and sweetness. This, by contrast, is a drink rather than a supplement in a transport medium.