Chia Seeds

Chicken, Chia & Quinoa Burgers

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Looking for some inspiration for a healthy family dinner? Blogger and food writer Helen Best Shaw is a dab hand at developing delicious, fuss free recipes. We challenged her to incorporate some Rainforest Foods superfoods into an everyday meal. Her Mediterranean chicken, (...) READ MORE >

Experimenting with Superfoods

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Danielle Woodward discovers how to incorporate superfoods into everyday meals, that taste good as well as do good Superfoods: the term has been bandied about rather a lot lately, with some controversy as to what actually constitutes a 'superfood'. The jury is out (...) READ MORE >

How to sprout Chia seeds

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We bring Rainforest Foods Chia seeds to life, then eat them Chia seed is a deservedly popular part of the Rainforest Foods range. It is startlingly nutritious and very easy to use in a wide variety of ways. We bake with it, add it to smoothies, put it on breakfast cereals (...) READ MORE >

Chia Seeds Meringue

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Notes from the Rainforest Foods kitchen – seasonal rhubarb meringue with Chia seeds A seasonal twist on the fruit meringue, given a helping hand with Rainforest Foods Chia seeds One of the earliest fruits available in the UK is rhubarb, known to science as the genus (...) READ MORE >

Chia Recipes

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Notes from the Rainforest Foods kitchen: Quinoa, Chia and sweet vegetable salad – seminal stuff We have been including Chia seed into quite a few dishes recently. Its generous vitamin and mineral content, plus its ample Omega-3 and 6 fatty acid provision, make it a (...) READ MORE >