Chia Seeds

Very Fruity Organic Granola Bars

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Notes from the Rainforest Foods kitchen: a fruit-rich snack bar for a healthy packed lunch. September brings the end of the summer holidays, and we head dutifully back to work and school. Sandwich boxes are dusted off, as the season of the packed lunch has returned. (...) READ MORE >

Rainforest Foods Beetroot Burgers

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Notes from the Rainforest Foods kitchen: a meat-free burger with real taste and texture. What would a British summer be without the burger? But should you want to think beyond the disc of charred meat this can entail, many barbecues and picnics offer little but salad. (...) READ MORE >

Chicken, Chia & Quinoa Burgers

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Looking for some inspiration for a healthy family dinner? Blogger and food writer Helen Best Shaw is a dab hand at developing delicious, fuss free recipes. We challenged her to incorporate some Rainforest Foods superfoods into an everyday meal. Her Mediterranean chicken, (...) READ MORE >

Experimenting with Superfoods

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Danielle Woodward discovers how to incorporate superfoods into everyday meals, that taste good as well as do good Superfoods: the term has been bandied about rather a lot lately, with some controversy as to what actually constitutes a 'superfood'. The jury is out (...) READ MORE >

How to sprout Chia seeds

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We bring Rainforest Foods Chia seeds to life, then eat them Chia seed is a deservedly popular part of the Rainforest Foods range. It is startlingly nutritious and very easy to use in a wide variety of ways. We bake with it, add it to smoothies, put it on breakfast cereals (...) READ MORE >