Rainforest Foods Beautiful Berry Brownie

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Notes from the Rainforest Foods kitchen: a healthy treat for life on the road. The Rainforest Foods kitchen has been rather empty recently, as we have been travelling a great deal. Life on the road is far from easy for anyone hoping to eat healthily. Yes, supermarkets (...) READ MORE >

Recipe: Mediterranean chicken, quinoa & chia burgers

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Looking for some inspiration for a healthy family dinner? Blogger and food writer Helen Best Shaw is a dab hand at developing delicious, fuss free recipes on her blog www.fussfreeflavours.com.  We challenged her to incorporate some Rainforest Foods superfoods into an everyday (...) READ MORE >

Experimenting with Superfoods

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Danielle Woodward discovers how to incorporate superfood supplements into everyday meals, that actually taste good as well as do good Superfoods: the term has been bandied about rather a lot lately, with some controversy as to what actually constitutes a 'superfood'. (...) READ MORE >

Tasting Spirulina and Chlorella with Pineapple fruit

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Notes from the Rainforest Foods kitchen: Spirulina and Chlorella: Pineapple’s perfect partners The Rainforest Foods kitchen has begun a series of experiments recently, into interesting ways of using our algae products, Spirulina and Chlorella. We produce them separately (...) READ MORE >

Cacao sourdough cake with coffee filling

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Notes from the Rainforest Foods Kitchen: Sourdough and Cacao – Herman comes to stay. Recently the Rainforest Foods kitchen gained a squatter. A well-meaning friend brought round Herman, a living, breathing, eating entity who arrived in a plastic tub. We had heard of (...) READ MORE >

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