Rainforest Foods - Organic superfoods

About Us

Rainforest Foods is a company with one aim: to bring you the finest of nature’s foods. We manufacture them in the form of dietary supplements for one fundamental reason: because while relatively few people live near the rainforests, mountains or islands where many superfoods grow, very many people live modern lives where balanced meals at regular intervals are not always possible. We search the globe for foods with unusually high nutritional value, which we process and bring to you in easily managed forms such as capsules, tablets and powder. Superfood supplements can help us balance and support modern diets.

Almost our entire range is organically certified. Indeed, Rainforest Foods itself is certified by the Soil Association. The few products that are not certified grow wild, in areas far from sources of pollution.

At Rainforest Foods we believe that information is power, which is why this website is a rich resource for anyone wanting to know about how our products can benefit them and boost their health. We add to it constantly. If we find something worth knowing, we share it with you.

Rainforest Concern LogoAdding superfoods to your diet is to add yourself to a food chain. Due to the nature of where many of our products grow, it is often a food chain with remotely-located and economically vulnerable people at the source end. For this reason, Rainforest Foods uses the most responsible suppliers it can find. We also work with Rainforest Concern to help raise funds for social and environmental projects in various rainforest regions across the world. To find further information on the work that they do, or even to make a donation, please visit Rainforest Concern.